You might have heard of chaos, and mismanagement in an official meeting, as some information was missed. It usually happens during meetings and official gatherings where important discussions are held.

It is therefore important to look out for appropriately managing things. Tools are a great resource to record meetings and take notes efficiently.

If you are looking for such a resource, EaseText is the ultimate solution.

This blog post is the ultimate guide to recording meetings and taking notes efficiently. Keep reading to ear how to do that. But before that, let’s highlight the need to Record Meeting and take notes.

The Need to Record Meetings and Take Notes

Recording meetings or taking notes is an important job. It is crucial and must be diligently performed because if not, some important information might be at risk. Recording meetings is also essential for the sake of record keeping. So that you can refer to the previously preserved pieces of evidence in case you need them.

Sometimes, a complex or technical discussion is involved in meetings that are not easy to process, and therefore we must sort out a way to record them to preserve the knowledge and information.

Having understood the importance of taking notes and recording the meetings, you must have understood the importance of a tool to perform the job. EaseText is the tool that does the job phenomenally. Let’s discuss how does EaseText facilitate you in recording meetings and taking notes.

EaseText- An Efficient Tool to Record Meetings and Take Notes

Easetext is an automatic offline transcription tool that efficiently converts audio to text and records meetings. It is based on AI technology, and thus high quality and accuracy speak highly of it.

It can easily record and transcribe audio in real-time in many languages and subtitles.

It is an excellent resource for recording meetings from communication apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

It meanwhile allows editing, such as highlighting or adding images or comments during meetings.

Recording an Online Meeting

Download and Install EaseText Audio to Text Converter: Download it using the links and double-click the executable installation file to finish the installation.

  • Choose the Transcribe Option: Launch the EaseText Audio to Text Converter and click “Transcribe” to start recording the online meeting. Set the properties in the “Project Settings” if you need to. Once done, click “OK” to transcribe the audio to text.
  • Record Meetings and Take Notes in Real-Time: Here, the uttered words by the speakers will be transcribed to text in real time.
  • Edit the Text after Recording: This step allows the editing of the text after transcription.
  • Export Text to File: once edited, click the “Export” button to save the recording notes as PDF, TXT, HTML, or DOC files on your PC.

Recording Offline Meetings

EaseText allows you to record offline meetings as follows;

  • Download and install EaseText on your computer.
  • Launch the software and click the “Record” button to start recording the meetings.
  • Set the properties in the “Project Settings” dialog.
  • Add highlights, images, or comments to the text when recording, in case you need to.
  • Once recorded, click the “Export” button to save the file on PC either as TXT, HTML, PDF, or DOC file.


EaseText is an intelligent software to help preserve important information by recording your meetings or taking notes. The AI-based tool helps you do the job in real time. It is practically vital to document important information and much more.

Follow our guide to record the meetings both online and offline.


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