Buying a huawei watch can sometimes be a dream come true, especially if you have had bad experiences with wristwatches in the past. Huawei is a brand known for producing exceptional watches with amazing features at an almost unbelievable price. Because of their reputation on wristwatches, Huawei watches are growing popular as the day goes by. While the popularity of Huawei watches is advantageous, it can have its disadvantages. 

Because of the qualities of Huawei wristwatches, many people now want to wear the watches. That way, the demand for Huawei watches is increasingly on the rise. While the needs are rising, producers of counterfeit and fake Huawei wristwatches are also increasing. They create a fake Huawei wristwatch that looks exactly like the Huawei brand, and because of excitement, most users fail to differentiate a counterfeit Huawei Watch from a real one.

Luckily, there is an extremely easy way to confirm the realness of your Huawei watch; through the serial number. On all watches, Huawei has serial numbers which act as the registration code for the watch, as well as the authentication code and machine number. Usually, you can find out the serial number of your Huawei watch through the pack of the wristwatch. Beneath the barcode of the watch pack, there’s a lot of information about the device, including serial number, device model, and device name. If you don’t see the serial number on the pack of the wristwatch, or you have misplaced the pack, there are other ways to check the serial number. Because Huawei releases a range of different wristwatch products, there’s a slight difference between the way to check for the serial number. Let’s discuss how to check some watch models; 

Huawei Smartwatch

To check the Huawei smartwatch serial number, you can click the up-button on your watch. This button should lead you into the app list of the watch. From the app list, navigate to the settings, and under the about section, you can check the watch’s serial number. If the smartwatch model you’re using is an older version, you may need to navigate to the system section before seeing the about section. 

Huawei Sportswatch

The way to find the serial number of a Huawei Sportswatch is different from how you find the S/N on a smartwatch. For the sports watch, the button to take you to the app list is on the side. After clicking on this button, find the settings section and click the section. However, the Huawei sports watches are usually dynamic, so there are different ways. For some versions, all you need to do is to click on the More icon on the home screen, and you’ll get the serial number. Other versions may require you to click the systems icon then find the about section.


If for nothing, but for the dynamism of the watches they make, the Huawei brand needs a lot of respect. As if that’s not enough, they help you identify a good watch through the serial number provided. In this guide above, we have explained how you can check the serial number on your Huawei watch. 


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