MacBook Air is one of the best laptops in the market today. It has been developed with high technological designs that make it stand out. A great machine like MacBook air needs great technology to make spare parts such as the MacBook batteries to suit the quality of the original MacBook features. You will therefore need a great manufacturer who will be able to reach such technological heights. What MacBook version do you use? MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook, iBook among other versions? Do you need a genuine battery for the Apple MacBook? Let us check some properties of few MacBook batteries.

MACBOOK (13 INCH 2017)

this is a very great battery version of the MacBook. This battery fits perfectly into your MacBook laptop with a lot of ease. This battery does not affect the memory status of the original laptop. They are energy-conservative and can charge faster. It will work very well for your laptop. This battery is compatible with some of the following laptops’ machine numbers; Apple 020 7379-A, apple 020 8145-A, Apple A1377, Apple 020 8142-A, apple 861- 6055, Apple A1405 among others.

Genuine Apple MacBook Air (Retina 13- inch 2020) battery 49. 9Wh 11.39V.

This is a very genuine battery that will serve you very effectively. This battery is certified with the CE, iso9001/9002 among others. It will smoothly fit into the original laptop. It is compatible with Apple A2389 and Apple A2179 EMC3302. You can choose to buy this product.

Genuine Apple A 1932(EMC 3184) Battery 4379mAh 11.4V

This battery is compatible with a lot of apple machines of different machines such as Apple MVFM2LL/A, Apple MRE82LL/A, Apple MRE92LL/A, Apple MREE2LL/A, Apple MREC2LL/A, Apple MREF2LL/A among other machines. It is LSO compatible with the following numbers;

Apple A1965, Apple 661-11676, Apple 020-02459, Apple 020-02455, AppleA1932 (EMC 3184), Apple A1965 (3ICP4/63/119) This shows that this battery serves diverse MacBook laptops at your disposal.

Genuine Apple MacBook Air (13 inches mid-2011) battery 54.4Wh 7.6V

Have you gone around the market looking for this battery? If your laptop uses this battery you got covered with It is produced with the highest level of integrity and quality. Save your time and energy by reaching and get your battery solutions. This battery contains grade A battery cells hence can charges faster and retain power for a long period. It is also compatible with the following laptop machine numbers; Apple 020 7379-A, Apple 020 8142-A, Apple 661 -6639, Apple A1496, Apple 661-7474A, Apple A1405 etc. This battery is accompanied by a charger adapter that is of compliant specifications. You can choose to buy it too so that you can protect your charger from problems related to power.

There are very many MacBook batteries available in stock, these are just a few. Contact for the right one for you. Maybe you do not know which battery to fit your laptop, seek advice for professional guidance.


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