Semi-frameless screens are a great way to ensure maximum strength, durability as well as safety in the bathroom. Not only do they possess all this but they are also easy to clean and maintain. They possess a tough glass for protection and safety.

If you’re thinking of getting a new shower screen for your home, you might want to consider this semi-frameless option. You can get the design you want to fit into the overall outlook of your bathroom. Getting it done right is also very important so you don’t have to frequently change shower screens. Making it important to get it from a reliable source and also get it installed properly. You can get them in any style you want as well as any design. It depends on your taste and preference.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower screens are a very popular design right now and for good reasons too. With them, you get your money’s worth. They possess aluminum floors and tops as well as perimeter walls and an unframed pivot door.

This generally makes it a great choice for a minimalistic design. They are super easy to clean. They feature an unframed pivot foot which visors both inwardly and outwardly.

Before deciding on any type of shower screen, you should consider a few of these:

· How much it would cost you to get a new shower screen.

· What type of shower screen would work just right for you and the family?

· Other types of short screen

· Safety involved with each shower screens as well as risks.

· How easy it should be to replace a shower screen

· Getting a licensed installer

· How long it would take and how long it should last.

Different Types of shower screens

There are generally three types of shower screens if you are looking for a new install. These shower screens all come with their own advantages.

1. Framed Shower Screens: framed shower screens are usually coated with natural or powder-coated aluminum frames that are placed around each glass panel as well as the shower screen doors.

2. Semi-Frameless Shower Screens: As mentioned above, they are a very reliable choice for a minimalist. They are less obstructive and could be the best option for you when being compared to other kinds of shower screens.

3. Frameless Shower Screens: these shower screens are composed of really tough glass panels, they could also come with door hinges as their only hardware as well as a door handle. They could possess a stylish handle as well.

When getting your semi-frameless shower screens are ready for install, it is important to get a licensed installer. But this depends on where exactly you live. It is also advisable to look into your budget but not settle for less to ensure their durability. This prevents any casualties from occurring in the bathroom. Getting the best is never overrated.


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