No bathroom is complete without shower floor waste. This accessory is an integral part of any washroom because a significant proportion of cleanliness depends upon the correct placement of these shower floor wastes.

These accessories are crucial because they have the primary function of draining the wastewater after a shower. If this waste water is not correctly disposed of, it can not only mess up the cleanliness but damages the washroom, thus leaving behind a non-functional facility.

These shower drains are available in different types. This blog post is about the most convenient types of shower drains to help you select according to your suitability.

Types of Shower Floor Wastes to Opt. For Your Bathroom

1. Brass Shower Drain

Brass shower drains have a grater or a mesh-like structure. These grated bath ware accessories are fixed on a graded and aligned washroom floor.

The graded floor directs the water flow towards the waste grates to drain the excess water from the floor.

These floor wastes are made up of brass, which is an excellent material. It is not only durable but receives massive applause for being versatile.

These drains have a capacity of 110mm, ensuring quick and efficient drainage. Their cost-effectively is more like a cherry on the top.

They are super easy to maintain and are cleaned in no time.

2. Floor Waste Tile Insert

Floor waste tile inserts are becoming popular and have almost replaced the chrome-finished grates used in the back days. This accessory is essential for draining the waste water off the bathroom floor. This wastewater on the bathroom floor must be drained off efficiently. It is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthier environment and can damage the washroom if not correctly drained.

The characteristic that makes the floor waste tile insert stand out amongst others serving the same purpose is its ability to merge. They integrate with the floor flawlessly.

They are fit for installation anywhere near a water facility, be it the kitchen, laundry, porch, or balcony.

The floor inserts trap the lousy air at maximum, thus avoiding the stench that comes off the drains.

3. Stainless Steel Linear Shower Drain

This kind of water floor waste is incredible because apart from the floor, it can flawlessly be fitted in the wall. This ensures easy cutting and an overall tidy look.

They are made of sturdy stainless steel. This is a life-long investment since stainless steel has excellent strength and durability.

The outlet capacity of 80mm makes it incredible in its job. This capacity ensures an easy and efficient, and quick flow.


People are investing smartly to upgrade and renovate their spaces. In recent years, bathroom up-gradation has become a trend, and thus a wide variety of bath accessories are available. One such accessory is the shower floor waste. Different types of these drains are available, such as linear shower drain, floor waste grates, and floor waste tile inserts. All of these serve the purpose of water drainage off the washroom floor. Select the one according to your taste and requirement.


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