If you are a sneaker enthusiast, keeping up with the new releases helps you appreciate the inventions and advancements in the shoe industry. Here is something to smile about: the Air Jordan 1 low royal toe is now among the most positively reviewed releases in the Air Jordan 1 series. This series has made a significant mark in the market with some of the most incredible features. If you browse online in any store, you will notice that the jordan royal toe has received numerous positive reviews since its release. This write-up discusses some outstanding features of the Air Jordan 1 low royal toe.

Why Air Jordan 1 low royal toe has managed to outdo its competitors

Sneaker lovers are always on the lookout to see what’s new in the market. However, it is not a guarantee that every snake that gets launched will attract customers’ attention to the extent of making extensive sales. There’s more to that, which explains why some brands will forever stand out. Choose the Jordan 1 low royal toe because of the following:

It comes with a leather upper

The Air Jordan 1 low royal toe features a plush leather upper. This is a standard feature of all the products in the Jordan model. However, this particular model features a unique execution of the leather up. For instance, it features a leather tongue tab. This element adds to its luxe construction. If you also look keenly, their leather construction also includes a white quarter panel complemented by a toe and Swoosh branding, making it unique and attractive.

Classic colorways

Another incredible feature of the Jordan 1 low royal toe is its classic colorways. The shoe features the traditional royal blue, black, and white colors of the Jordan 1 series. However, the way the colors are patterned and expressed in the shoe design makes it attractive and outstanding. The blue appears at the collar, toe box, and bottom of the outer sole. The colorways make it easy to identify the shoes from a distance; these colors blend into the iconic Jordan 1 silhouette.

Outer sole with ample cushioning

The Jordan 1 low royal toe features an underfoot that sits a traction-pointing outer sole. The outer sole comes in royal dye and has a perfect design to provide cushioning from any surface you step on. The ample cushioning makes the shoes great for walking on different surfaces. The brand added this feature in response to criticisms from former models in the series.

It fits true to size

The Jordan 1 low royal toe also stands out because it fits true to size. When you order it online, you need not worry about the size. The Air Jordan 1s feature the same sizes as the first launch in 1985.

Final word

If you are looking for shoes with black and lightly padded leather tongue, coupled with the classic Nike logo that appears on the side of the shoe in black leather, the Air Jordan 1 low royal toe, previously released in mid-2020, is the shoe for you.


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