Every supply of power requires a particular number of watts to function. A power supply delivering lower wattage than recommended can cause system damage. LED lights vary, so they use different watts. Some operate with a 600w power supply, while others function at lower levels. So how many watts does your LED device need? We look at ways to find the correct power supply wattage below.

Selecting the right wattage for your power supply

No LED component will use more or less power supply wattage than is recommended. If the device needs 60w and the power supply provides 250w, the LED doesn’t use more than it needs. Similarly, it cannot operate below 60 Watts. There are four common and easy methods to use during this exercise. They are;

a.       Check the power supply wattage from the supplier’s website

Most LED devices come with their information details. However, some manufacturers include extra if not all information about them on the websites. Products assembled directly by the manufacturer are most likely to these specifications. Start by googling the suppliers’ website. The link is usually indicated on the installation manual or search the internet for it. The process is straightforward and saves you time figuring out which wattage is ideal.

b.      Check the PSU for the power supply wattage

This method is efficient and convenient for buyers. All power supply devices come with a label to indicate the specifications. Some power suppliers come open, making the information easy to retrieve. If it’s covered with an extra protective layer, try taking it off for easy access. Unlike the previous method, the information you need is readily available on the power supply device. Another advantage is that anyone can access the details as long as you have the device. It’s advisable to cut off the flow of current for safety reasons.

c.       Look for the wattage on the packaging box

It’s the easiest and quickest way to locate the wattage. Most LED lighting devices come with manuals which is perfect. Nevertheless, you can look for the wattage value on the box even before opening it. If you find the specifications manual inside, it’s a good chance to check if the box resembles what’s written. This is possible if the box is legit for the power supply device. Suppose the seller happens to pack the product in a strange box request for the original one that came from the manufacturer.

d.      Calculate the power supply wattage needed

It’s the final stage of finding the wattage. If you miss it in the above steps, then a calculation is the only option. There are several wattage calculators online available at a fee or for free. Be careful when selecting one, as some are not as effective. They may provide false values which end up ruining your device.

Final words

It’s vital to find the correct wattage for your device. Ensure that the power supply wattage is higher than the LED device’s. Though the LED still uses exactly what it needs. As earlier mentioned, you can check the wattage on the manufacturer’s website, the packaging box, or the power supply unit surface. If you miss it in all these, then get an online calculator to get the values.


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