Find out how to get extra Coins in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode, often known as FUT. Coins are required to sign the finest players to the FUT roster. Find out how to get extra Coins in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode, often known as FUT. Coins are required to establish a squad with the top players in FIFA 22, and a large number of them are required to sign some of the game’s greatest players. In FIFA 22, you may earn coins in a variety of ways, making Ultimate Team more entertaining than ever before.

In FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team, coins are gained in modest quantities after each match, regardless of whether the match is won or lost. For higher results, more coins are rewarded, which may rapidly mount up. Additionally, once Milestones are completed and Season Progress is completed, Coin Boosts become available. Every week, play Squad Battles and Division Rivals matches to earn extra cash. Winning these games allows players to advance to higher tier levels and get greater prizes. Get free futcoins now!

When cards are at their most valued, sell them.

SBCs need you to submit teams that meet particular criteria in order to gain awards. Rather than paying cash, this is how you should go about obtaining gold packets. This approach is detailed in further detail below, but it simply boils down to this: only purchase bronze, silver, and gold packets, and reject in-forms, and reap the benefits. As your coin balance grows, you may purchase the precise players you desire rather than trying (and failing) to pack them as a needle in a haystack.

Only bronze and silver packs are available for purchase.

You may bet on the premium versions of these packets if you’re feeling very flush: 750 for bronze, 3,750 for silver. I often gamble on the 750-coin bronze pack, but I won’t touch the silver one until I have at least 50K coins on hand. The rationale for this is that premium packs come with a far greater risk, but also a larger reward: you’re paying more for two more ‘rare’ cards. If the unusual cards are players, you’ll benefit even more; if they’re kits or badges, you’ll lose a little money.

If your in-game finances are fewer than 20,000 coins at any point, bronze packets are preferable over silver. In a single match, 400 coins may be earned, and you’ll see a faster return on the cards you sell. With more in-game cash to spare in the long run, you can afford to mix the two evenly.

Never purchase gold packets.

In FIFA 21, gold packets are fairly simple to acquire by. They come as a prize for completing SBCs, seasonal targets, and Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Champions. To put it another way, the transfer market is always flooded with gold cards. That implies getting a return on a 5,000-coin basic gold pack is almost difficult. Bronze and silver packs, on the other hand, are substantially less expensive and will ensure you profit in the long run, since such cards are more difficult to come by than gold cards, but are still commonly necessary for SBCs.

Rivalry between divisions and squad battles

Another good strategy for harvesting coins is Division Rivals and Squad Battles. The two modes reward you with different amounts of money depending on your weekly performance, with the former being the more generous. In Division Rivals, you may earn 32k for as little as a few victories every week, as well as points toward advancement in the reward-heavy FUT Champions Weekend League.


To conclude, the best methods for accumulating coins in FIFA 22 are to play Division Rivals & Squad Battles and selling cards when at their most valuable. By following these methods, you’ll be able to amass a large sum of coins quickly and efficiently.


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