UGREEN is one of those companies which is very dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their customers through their products. Since its foundation, the company has assembled all its innovations and abilities to match the expectation of its customers. The inventors of this brand established UGREEN in 2012 as one of the leading electronic denominations in the market. However, UGREEN’s durable appliances with innovative designs in this category have helped them to become a predominant name around the globe. Almost 40 million users are supporting the unique products of UGREEN. Nonetheless, the brand takes care of the needs of the clients and tries to use it in their innovations to satisfy them.

This article is presented to the readers just to furnish all kinds of information about UGREEN’s USB-C devices. Apart from that, the blog will also help to provide a clear idea about specializations and so on.

Why choose UGREEN USB-C?

If someone is hunting for a good USB-C then he can trust UGREEN. It is a new emerging company with all possible innovative inputs. However, the market review of the brand and its products is enough to explain how many people are accepting this brand.

Unmatched high quality

The unmatchable quality of UGREEN is one of the main reasons for people to opt for it. However, this UGREEN device is a lightweight product that can be carried easily in different places. The USB cables from UGREEN can be termed as one-time-invested products with a high usable characteristic.

UGREEN’s USB-C Products

This segment of the article will articulate some specifications about UGREEN’s USB-C products.

60-Watt PD fast charging cable

This product from UGREEN can provide a rapid charging facility with a maximum output of 20V 3A current. The replaceable cable of the product provides a positive tone to its travel-friendly characteristics. However, the device also has superfast data transporting speed of up to 5 Gbps. A 60-Watt PD fast charging cable can also transfer large files within a fraction of seconds. Nonetheless, the product is very much compatible with laptops and smartphones. The 60-Watt PD fast charging cable has an SKU of 50477(1M), and 50450(2M), with a video resolution of up to 4K. Its charging speed is 20V/3A, with the EAN/UPC of 6957303854776, 69and 57303854509.

2-Pack 60-Watt USB-C fast charging cable

This kind of cable is much more compatible for playing games, reading e-books, and more because of its 90 degrees L design. This UGREEN product has a 20V 3A current which contributes to the fast-charging character for smartphones and chargers. 2-Pack 60-Watt USB-C fast charging cable is a Nylon braided cable that is high in reliability and durability. However, the product has an SKU of 50123P with aluminium material. 2-Pack 60-Watt USB-C fast charging cable has the EAN/UPC of 6957303878086.


We have provided a shuttle rather than a brief description of USB-C devices from UGREEN. However, the above portrayals will capitalize to find a correct product for yourself.  While there are other products in the market, going with Ugreen is highly encouraged due to extended benefits that it poses to the users for a convenient user experience.


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