Anyone who plays FIFA games knows that the game is very much structured around its microtransactions. However, unlike other games in the genre that lock away their more expensive purchases behind a paywall, FIFA lets you buy its virtual currencies with real money as often as you like. This can be a bit of an issue for those who don’t want to spend any additional money on the game aside from what they get with their regular PlayStation subscriptions. Fortunately, it’s actually fairly easy to get your hands on some free FIFA coins if you know where to look. To do so, follow along the steps below:

Know the Difference Between FIFA Points and Coins

As you can imagine, there’s a difference between how the developers of FIFA sell their game and how you can play the game without spending any money. The most important difference is that while you can buy FIFA points with real money to use in-game, you can’t buy FIFA coins with real money. This means that you can’t buy them with your real life money, but you can still get them for free by playing games and completing other daily activities. FIFA points are the equivalent of “FIFA coins,” and you can use them to purchase virtual items like packs and players. Another important thing to note is that FIFA points are specific to each console. This means that you can’t use them to buy FIFA coins on PS4, or FIFA coins on Xbox One. There are also a few other differences worth mentioning as well.

Watch Live Games for Free Coins

When you sign into FIFA on your PS4, you’ll notice that you have the option to watch streams of popular games on Twitch. If you sign into Twitch and then load the game, you’ll see these streams alongside the normal gameplay. This means that you don’t even have to be watching the stream to earn FIFA points while you play. You don’t earn points while you watch streams, but you can earn coins by watching different streams from different channels. There are thousands of Twitch channels, and you’re likely to find something interesting to watch. This means that you don’t have to pick just one channel to watch, but you can choose from a variety of different streams and earn FIFA points while you play.

Join Clubs for More Coins

As you begin playing and earning FIFA points, you’ll notice that you can join one of the game’s many clubs. While you can become a part of a club at any time, you’re more likely to earn fifa 23 coins while you’re a member of a club. There are three main reasons for this:

  • When you’re a member of a club, you’ll earn coins for certain tasks like attending games, playing matches, and attending events.
  • Clubs are designed to be a community for players of all skill levels, meaning that you can join to get help from others who have just as much experience as you do.
  • Last, but not least, you can join a club to earn special items like in-game jerseys.

Play Daily Matches for More Coins

Daily Matches are FIFA’s spin on matches that are scheduled on a daily basis. Instead of playing a match on a schedule, you’re frequently matched up against a team of your choice and given the opportunity to earn FIFA coins. You can choose from among the game’s many teams, or you can choose to play against a team of bots. This means that you don’t necessarily have to win to earn coins, but you do have to choose a team. It’s a fun way to earn a few coins every day when you don’t have much else to do. Daily Matches are otherwise the same as standard matches in the way that you can play them solo or with a group of friends. They’re also just as quick and easy to jump into as any other type of match. If you want to earn coins while you play, try jumping into a Daily Match.

Final Words

FIFA has been a huge success for Electronic Arts, and it’s likely one of the most profitable sports games of all time. This is mostly thanks to the fact that you can get free FIFA coins by playing the game and completing daily activities. If you don’t have the time to play matches, you can earn coins by watching streams, joining clubs, and completing daily matches. You can buy more expensive items with coins, or you can use them to buy special items like in-game jerseys.


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