Are you someone who wears glasses on a daily basis and wants to have a chance because you are bored of the same styles and glasses? If so, prescription sunglasses sale might be the thing for you. What are prescription sunglasses? The regular Eyeglasses that are used by the customers help their eyesight, but it does not have the ability to shield the eyes from sunlight. This is where prescription sunglasses come in, which incorporate the visual improvement that regular eyeglasses offer, with the shielding effect of the sunglasses. And for this, GlassesShop has a wide variety of prescription sunglasses available for the customers.

Sizzling Product Range


A sunglass made specifically for women, Geraldine with its full-frame, rectangular shape, and medium-size is definitely worth the money paid. With an angular frame that is a perfect match for round faces and soft features, it sits well on longer and narrower noses.


Evanston is something that will get you noticed for sure. The large and square-shaped frame and that too with broad temples are surrounded to turn the crowd’s heads. Moreover, square Frames are known to look great on round faces.


Suitable for all genders, Chamomile is a light and flexible sunglass that brings vintage and minimalist features together. TR90 being the main material used, this sunglass can be used to make a stylish as well as casual pair of Frames that can be matched up with your favorite outfit.


Exclusively for the women out there, Wilker comes with a cat-eye design along with a color in solid pink for the lenses. The sunglasses, housing high-quality raw materials such as nylon and polished durable metal, give the perfect look and make you stand out, no matter the occasion.


A full, aviator-style sunglass for both men and women, Dean offers a weird and wonderful design with a double-bar bridge. The shape being a good one for round faces and angular features, this sunglass suits anyone who wants to make an impact, irrespective of their face shape.

Virtual Testing Facility Online Before Purchase

Not sure what your faces fit? Not sure about the style that will suit your face? Those are worries of the past as GlassesShop offers a fit and style quiz so that the customers can get to know the styles and sizes that suit them perfectly. This revolutionary method was introduced so that the customers would not have to go with the trial-and-error method while choosing their glasses. With trusted AI technology, the quiz ensures that the customers get styles that are unique, just like they are.

GlassesShop offers a virtual testing facility to the customers so that they wouldn’t have to go with the trial-and-error method while choosing their glasses, be it the regular Eyeglasses or sunglasses. The AI technology ensures that the customers get the perfect fit that is unique to them.


GlassesShop, founded in Michigan in the year 2004, is now a leading and premier online eyewear store that is one of the global leaders. Upholding their values of providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, they make sure that their customers get their choice of products, no matter where they are coming from.


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