Meaning and connection are woven into language like a tapestry. Through the power of comparison, analogies, those elegant figures of speech, enable us to comprehend the intricacies of seemingly disparate concepts by acting as bridges between them. Take into consideration the unfinished comparison: Arrogant is too modest as feeble is to…

While apparently basic, this relationship opens a mother’s lode of understanding with regard to character qualities like pomposity. Envision self-importance as a peacock fluttering its quills in a colorful presentation as it swaggers through a field. It stands out, creates a shaded area over others, and conveys a feeling of presumption. Let us uncover arrogant is to modest as feeble is to, query in our given detailed article.

What is Signifiance of Analogies?

Analogies are more than just tools for language; they are also cognitive tools that help us process information better. By contrasting two arrangements of connections, we can more readily comprehend the qualities and subtleties of each term included. We can use the analogy “Arrogant is too modest as feeble is to…” to reflect on the connection between arrogance and modesty and apply a similar contrast to feebleness.

Analyzing the Analogy for Better Understanding

It will be a great idea to analyze the analogy for a better understanding of its actual meaning:

The Contrast of Arrogance and Modesty

To start, how about we dig into the essential relationship: egotism versus unobtrusiveness? A misrepresented identity significance and an absence of regard for others are signs of haughtiness, which much of the time brings about discourteous ways of behaving.

Unobtrusive individuals don’t overstate their achievements and constraints and are worth the sentiments and contribution of everyone around them. This unmistakable resistance makes way for understanding the following sets of terms in the relationship, featuring how differentiating attributes can characterize and separate individual characteristics and ways of behaving.

Identifying the Opposite of Feeble

The expression weak means an absence of actual strength, energy, or viability, frequently connected with shortcomings and slightness. To finish the similarity, we want to distinguish a word that stands contrary to weak, similarly unassuming stands contrary to self-important. The following are a few potential candidates:


Strong is the opposite of weakest, indicating physical strength, resilience, vitality, and robustness. It encompasses a state of being strong and capable that is characterized by endurance, vitality, and the capacity to endure difficulties or stress. This can be a mental, physical, or emotional strength.


Vigorous refers not only to one’s physical toughness but also to one’s upbeat and active demeanor. It suggests a person who is not only strong and powerful but also energetic, alive, and enthusiastic. Such an individual is described by their capacity to participate in exercises with force and endurance, frequently showing a proactive and energetic way to deal with difficulties and undertakings.


Robust is similar to vigorous in that it suggests strength as well as a strong, healthy constitution. It implies a powerful individual or entity who is also resilient and brimming with life.

Steps for Using Gauth for Completing Analogies

Involving Gauth in finishing relationships is a direct interaction that can assist you with rapidly tracking down answers for complex issues. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1. Add Text or Upload a Picture

To begin, either add the analogy’s text or upload an image that includes it. Gauth’s man-made intelligence capacities permit it to dissect text and pictures to figure out the similarity.

Step 2. Get the Solution

It is the time to get a solution after entering the analogy to get your answer. After that, Gauth will process the data and give you the finished analogy.

Step 3. Copy or Regenerate

When you get the solution, you can either copy it for later use or make a new one with the same or different parameters. This adaptability permits you to investigate numerous potential outcomes and refine your relationship to all the more likely suit your necessities.

Final Talk

By juxtaposing arrogance with modesty and feebleness with robustness, the analogy, Arrogant is to Modest as Feeble is to Robust, clarifies contrasting traits. Enhancing our comprehension of behavior and resilience demonstrates how opposing traits define personal qualities. In assessing traits, balance, and perspective are crucial, as this comparison demonstrates.


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