Before the LED lights are installed, it is necessary to carry out a detailed evaluation of the lighting layout for the project’s requirements. The details such as the illumination’s purpose, the location it will be, the intensity, and any special functionalities need to be considered. This comprehensive analysis will assist in the elimination of available options, and as a result, the best LED lighting will be chosen. Being aware of these elements, one can decide on the most suitable lighting type which could be a high bay light for a large indoor space, street/area lights for an outdoor area, flood lights for illuminating large outdoor places, wall packs for outdoor security lighting, canopy lights for covered outdoor spaces, or panel lights for indoor areas. LED lighting offers high efficiency, long-life solutions, with the ability to be customized to specific requirements, providing function, as well as sustainability.

Types of LED Lighting

LED lighting comes in a variety, and each type of LED lighting is anticipated for a specific application.

LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are thus tailored to be used in large indoor spaces with high ceilings like warehouses, gyms, and industrial facilities. They give off a homogenous, bright light, thus making a good choice for areas that need plenty of lighting.

LED Area/Street Lights

These lights that are LED are manufactured for outdoor locations which include parking lots, streets, and pathways. The visibility that they offer enhances the safety and security of outdoor areas.

LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are the best choice for lighting large outdoor areas like sports fields, billboards, and building facades. By offering a strong beam that is focused precisely, you can highlight specific areas easily.

LED Wall Packs

These LED wall packs are suitable for the outdoor lighting that is also used in the security of the buildings. They are used to illuminate the building perimeters, entrances, and walkways. They offer a luminous, evenly distributed light while saving energy.

LED Canopy Lights

With gas stations, parking garages, and building overhangs in mind, LED canopy lights provide glare-free and uniform lighting which improves the safety and visibility where people walk under covered outdoor spaces.

LED Panel Lights

Free from flicker and glare, LED panel lights are the best choice for indoor areas such as offices, schools, and hospitals, and they provide the desired illumination in a modern and sleek style.


Finally, it is worth noting that getting to know the details regarding your project is important before you start the journey of LED lighting. Lighting exists in many forms, each specifically designated to achieve certain objectives. Whether it is a high bay light for a large indoor space or an area/street light for an outdoor area, a floodlight for illuminating large outdoor areas, a wall pack for outdoor security lighting, a canopy light for covered outdoor areas, or a panel light for indoor areas, various options are available to satisfy your lighting needs. Illuminate your facility to the fullest by using the latest technology of energy-saving, durable, and individually tailored lighting systems that provide both functionality and sustainability.


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